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We serve people in many ways.  

Nepali Community

Faith Hope Love Church is home to many people from the country of Nepal.  They have their own worship service at 3pm every Sunday---in the Nepali language.

Prayer Meetings

Faith Hope Love believes in the power of prayer to change situations. We have prayer on Tuesdays at 3:30 pm---and Revival Prayer every Thursday at 5:45pm.   


Faith Hope Love Church is extensively involved in missions, and many of our members have participated in mission teams---with outreach by the Bakkens and other teams partnering with WillGo Inc.  Together, our members have shown Jesus' love to people in countries such as Mexico, India, Canada, and Nigeria

Pastoral Support

Our Pastors are available to help you in moments of crisis, when you need prayer, encouragement, or answers.  Just call us at 218-236-7276

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